Thursday, March 19, 2009

More highlights from Day Two: Scott Black

Day Two featured the first seminar of the weekend, delivered by cornetist and Bix enthusiast Scott Black. Black has been working on a biography of Bix. He has at his disposal hundreds of hours of tape recorded by Bix biographer Phil Evans. The tapes preserve the voices and memories of Bix's musical associates, ranging from Bill Challis and Bill Rank to Frank Signorelli and Chauncey Morehouse.

Black played a number of interviews, which were striking because you actually get to hear the distinctive voices of these musicians, including Signorelli's thick Brooklyn accent. There was also an unintentionally hilarious interview with Lou Black, New Orleans Rhythm Kings banjoist, whose dreary monotone recited the various dead and alcoholic former members of the band.

Scott's site, has some fascinating information.

Here is a YouTube video of Scott's cornet playing.

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  1. Lou Black's story *was* hilarious. I think we all kind of snickered, chuckled, and outright laughed. :-)